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Kazuyo Sugitani

Japan Region

Kazuyo Sugitani

ITC has been a gift which changed my life a lot. I could never have imagined 28 years ago, when I joined ITC, how exciting and rewarding my membership would be. I find myself to be an entirely different person when I talk about ITC. When I attend my own club meetings or visit other clubs I have a capability I didn’t know I had before. ITC seems to have some magical power to make me inspired.

At the 2011 Convention, the Writing Contest Chairman encouraged me to take part in the Writing Contest. At the time, I was a member of the committee. It was an inspiring suggestion. It soon came true and Japan Region has had a writing contest ever since. 

When I was assigned as the chairman of Mentoring Committee 2011-13 and 2013-15, I was determined to act as a bridge between the International level and the non-English speaking Regions. As written in our pledge, it is important to have a global understanding and communication.  

I have had excellent training opportunities this year and I am grateful for the opportunity to be the 2017 Cosmopolitan Speech Contest Chairman. 

I can never thank enough ITC friends all over the world that have been leading and inspiring me.



Hilary Brown

New Zealand Region

Hillary BrownNew Zealand is part of the British Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth as Head of State. To be nominated by my peers within our community, for services to the community and public speaking over the past 30 years and to have that endorsed by the Queen, is an incredible honour. When the Governor General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, presented my award he acknowledged the value of our organisation and our place on the world stage.

International Training in Communication/POWERtalk has equipped me with many invaluable tools and has given me the courage to stand for public office locally, nationally and internationally.  I joined in 1979 to gain confidence when speaking in public and to learn how to correctly chair a meeting. I have come a long way since that time delivering training sessions not only in New Zealand but also in Australia, Mexico, Japan, Canada and the USA with a particular interest being correct meeting procedures.

In 1994 I updated the International Zenith Manual, which is for high school age students, trialing it at the college where I was board chairman. 22 years later this group still meets every week.  In 2004/05 the ITC International Board assigned me to update the International Master Manual so that it incorporated the Accreditation program.

Until this year I had thought that being installed as the first New Zealand International President of ITC was the major highlight in my POWERtalk career, but I now know that being nominated by my peers to receive the Queen’s Service Medal far exceeds that honour.



Tom Wise

Illuminators Club, Blue Ridge Region

Tom Wise OptIn life, we are often concerned about which road to take in life as we contemplate our personal and professional goals.  Regardless of our desires or pursuits, each of us can benefit from help along the way.

For me, help came when I joined International Training in Communication with its POWERtalk International brand of training.

In my desire to learn, I became a volunteer.  In Council 10 of Blue Ridge Region, I volunteered to be chairman of the following committees: Budget/Finance, Bylaws and Resolutions, Program-Education, Nominating, and Speech Contest Committees.  I also became a candidate for office and eventually held all elected offices in Council 10.

I am honoured to have been recently elected as President of Council 10 for the upcoming term.  This will be the seventh time I will have held the top leadership position in Council 10.

When asked to consider running for office at the next level, I said, “yes.”  With the exception of Treasurer, I have held all elected offices in Blue Ridge Region.

When people ask how I have benefited from membership in our great organization, I talk about how POWERtalk International training has helped me to improve existing skills and develop new ones.

Then, I think of how POWERtalk training sessions on effective meeting management were useful when I held leadership positions in other organizations.  I also think of those times when I had to conduct briefings before congressional aides.  I am ever grateful for the training received in writing, timing, rehearsing, and evaluating presentations, all acquired through International Training in Communication.


Coby Wichers 

Eloquent Haren, Netherlands

CobyWichersThe training that the POWERtalk International programs has offered me is priceless and nowhere else can such training be found. My membership has made me a trainer and confidant. I learned never to say NO and subsequently I have been a club, council and region president and have also chaired several committees at all levels.

As a result of this training, I became the president of the local bridge club and my communication skills have caused our membership to more than double. My leadership skills have aided the club to improve the way it conducts business. POWERtalk training has enabled me to become a qualified bridge teacher and I have been able to organize many community activities.

For more than 10 years I was president of a Client Advisory Board for different nursing homes. My POWERtalk International training helped me as president of the fundraising committee for a National Cancer and Heart Disease Foundation.

To my surprise I recently received, in the name of the King of The Netherlands, The Order of Orange-Nassau (equivalent to an OBE in the UK). This royal award is very special to me because the people in my community had to apply for it. It was a great compliment. The award is granted to people for such things as their voluntary services to the community.

All my achievements are due to the training and experience gained through my membership in International Training in Communication and its POWERtalk International training programs.




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"When I first saw a POWERtalk International promotional stall I tried to slink past unnoticed – speaking in public was the last thing I was interested in! 

 However,  the warm, supportive atmosphere of Couperus Circle club encouraged me to join."

Adrienne, The Netherlands




"POWERtalk International has helped me develop more confidence in public speaking, through using evaluation techniques to encourage and commend what I do well, though also to recommend what improvements I can make in the way I communicate."


Yvonne, Waitakere, New Zealand




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"Training at all levels can definitely be credited for me going from 'hardly speaking at all' to speaking regularly and finally to the brink of becoming a national public speaker. Thank you!"

Irvin, Powerful Speakers, USA




"Being involved in POWERtalk continues to sharpen my parliamentary skills. I am also very excited to have launched a professional speaking career, all because of the confidence I have achieved through club assignments." 


Pam, Cadencia Communicators, USA




“I give POWERtalk International all of the credit for the enhancement of the communication and leadership skills that I have gained. I highly recommend this fine organization because communication is as important as our heart, we need it to live.”


Regina, Annie Young Memorial Club, USA

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